Should You Use Your Electric Heating Pad Overnight

Should You Use Your Electric Heating Pad OvernightA sleeping pad offers a wonderful way of relieving aches and pains while giving you a fantastic sensation of warmth and healing. This is something that many people enjoy using late at night, when their muscles get stiffer or they feel tense after a long, hard day.

The idea of falling asleep while using your pad might be very tempting but this is something that you will definitely want to avoid if you use an electric model. Ideally, you will use it feel relaxed and comfortable but switch it off before you finally close your eyes for the night.

Should You Use Your Electric Heating Pad Overnight

The following are some of the powerful reasons why you should never sleep while using an electric heating pad.

It Could Catch Fire

This might see a little overly dramatic but there is certainly a very real possibility that your heating pad could start a fire at home. Indeed, if you take a look for online news stories about “heating pad fire” then you will see a number of recent stories in which a heating pad gets the blame for a house going up in flames.

If you have an older model of pad then it is more likely that a problem could occur due to the lack of safety features or through general wear and tear. However, this is a risk with any model of any age and in any type of condition, even a brand new one that you are using for the very first time.

The most common issues in this respect come from the likes of frayed wires, a hole in the fabric or loose connections but even if the pad looks to be in a perfect state you simply can’t take a chance in this way. If a heating pad in your bed catches fire while you are sleeping it is going to give you very little time to get up and make your way, to safety isn’t it?

The safest approach is to simply never use your electric heating pad when there is a risk that you may fall asleep. This might seem like less fun but it simply isn’t worth taking the chance of a fire starting in your bed.

It Could Burn You

This isn’t quite as serious as the previous point but it could still prove to be very nasty if it happens to you. Basically, you can get a painful and damaging burn from leaving a heating pad on one part of your body for too long.

It might not be hot enough or uncomfortable enough to wake you up but it could be very much like when you fall asleep on the beach in summer and wake up all red and sore. If this has ever happened to you then you know how horrible it can be.

Don’t think that you will wake up if it is too hot, just because you are usually a light sleeper. There is every chance that you sleep blissfully all night long before waking up to a nasty surprise.

The highest setting on heating pads can be extremely hot, meaning that even a relatively short time using it can lead to burns. However, even the lower settings can be very dangerous if you leave it on during the night.

There have been cases of people getting burned by leaving on a heating pad on too long while they are awake, so it is easy to see how this could into a problem while you are peacefully dozing.

It Will Stop Giving You Benefits

It is important to remember that your heating pad will stop giving you the real benefits it offers after a while. Sure, the bed will be nice and warm but you won’t be helping the muscles by leaving in on all night long.

Heating pads are only designed to be used for a limited amount of time regularly throughout the day. By leaving it on all night you aren’t likely to wake up feeling a whole lot better than before you went to bed.

It Could Cause You Some Harm

For the next point, we need to take into account that these pads work by helping your blood to flow more freely to the damaged area of your body. This is brilliant for making your aches and pains go away but you don’t want to do it for too long.

This is because increased blood flow for a long time can lead to issues such as increased inflammation. If the problem you are trying to deal with involves inflammation then you will be making it worse rather than better.

You could also find that the pain is worse once you take the heat away, as your body will have become used to it.

Finally, the other piece of damage that it could do to you is to do with the impact it has on your circulation. This means that the blood can get trapped in the area where you placed the heating pad, thereby depriving other parts of your body of the blood it needs.

Is There an Automatic Switch Off Function?

There are many different types of electric heating pad around, meaning that it is worth putting some effort into finding the perfect model. If you are worried about falling asleep while using it then it makes sense to use one that has an automatic shut off on it.

Of course, you don’t want to rely solely on this mechanism, as there is always a chance that it lets you down. Also, if you have an older model of heating pad then it might not have any sort of automatic switch off function at all.

All of this means that you should look to have a backup plan when you use it late at night. No matter how tired you feel at the start, there is a good chance that you start to feel drowsy once you get all warm and cosy.

A good idea is to set your alarm to wake you up after the amount of time that you want to spend enjoying the benefits of the heating pad. In this way, you can completely relax knowing that you will wake up later even if you do doze off for a while.

Find a Safe Alternative

If you really feel the need to get some comforting warmth during the night then there are far more appropriate and safe ways of doing it than by leaving an electric heating pad on all night long. Something that provides heat but gradually cools down over time is perfect for this.

In this way, the classic hot water bottle is still an excellent choice for getting a warm bed without any fears. You might use your heating pad during the day and then switch to the hot water bottle at night, for instance.

There are also some useful types of heating pad that don’t work by being plugged in. You could use one that gets heated up in the microwave and then slowly cools down while you use it.

Another safe alternative is the kind that produces heat through a chemical reaction and, again, loses heat gradually over time.

By choosing one of these other ways of getting warmth in bed you can drift off to sleep knowing that you will only get the heat that you need for the amount of time necessary.

Don’t take any chance with an electric heating pad at night. By following these tips you will stay safe from harm and get the full range of useful benefits from your pad.