Snoogle Total Body Pillow Review

The Snoogle from Leachco promises a revolutionary new way of sleeping that is ideal for pregnant women but can also be enjoyed by anyone else looking for a good night’s sleep.

It is described as a total body pillow and it is easy to see why. The product is cleverly designed to support different parts of the sleeper’s body and to keep them warm at the same time.

This means that it can be used instead of propping up and supporting the body with a number of different pillows at the same time.

It is advertised as being designed by a Registered Nurse and mother. It has certainly won over many admirers who enjoy far better and more comfortable nights thanks to benefits that the Snoogle Total Body Pillow offers.


The first thing that jumps out when you look at this pillow is the unusual form. A lot of thought has been put into creating a form that helps the user feel warm and protected all night long but without over-heating.

Anyone who is used to trying to use various pillows to find a comfortable sleeping position will immediately see the benefits of the Snoogle. It follows the body’s natural contour to give a level of support that feels just right.

It comes with a sham-style cover that can be taken off and washed as needed.

As mentioned earlier, this body pillow has been designed with pregnant ladies in mind. The support it offers to important parts of the body and the fact that it helps avoid over-heating makes the Snoogle pillow ideal for women who are waiting for their new baby to arrive.

The user’s head is propped up to aid breathing and to lower the risk of heartburn. The curved end then goes between the legs to stop the person from getting too hot while they sleep.

Yet, it is also seen as being absolutely perfect for anyone who simply wants to sleep better. It isn’t particularly designed for users with bad backs but it is easy to imagine that someone who is suffering in this way could benefit from keeping their back warm and well protected.

The product is made of polyester, although there is also a deluxe version with a cotton cover on sale at a higher price.

Size and Weight

While some new purchasers appear to be worried that it might take up too much room in the bed or be too big for them, most existing owners seem to be happy that it is just the right size. Indeed, people of different heights and sizes have stated that it does a great job for them.

The dimensions of the Snoogle full body pillow are 60 x 24.8 x 7.2 inches. It weighs just 3 pounds, so moving it around from one spot to another shouldn’t be a problem for anyone.

There is also a mini version of this product but plenty of petite women has stated that this model is a good size for them.

Value for Money

The price represents excellent value for money as it can work wonders in helping the owner to sleep better at night, which is a priceless benefit in many people’s books. If you are struggling to sleep well and this full body pillow helps then you will definitely consider it as being money well spent.

Certainly, the people who have tried it tend to be very positive about the effect that it has had on them compared to the price. In fact, if you are thinking of using various pillows at night to do the same job then the Snoogle could work out just as cheap if not cheaper than doing this.


  • Clever design gives support to different parts of the body
  • Great value price
  • Stops pregnant women from overheating
  • Encourages a natural and healthy sleeping position


  • Getting up in the morning or in the night can be slightly problematic
  • Not everyone is impressed with the quality or the ability to last a long time

Customer Ratings

The overwhelming majority of customer reviews on the internet reflect a high degree of satisfaction with their Snoogle. Among the most positive comments we can see many people saying that this full body pillow has helped them to enjoy far better nights.

A number of grateful partners have also pointed out that their nights have got a lot easier ever since their sleeping partner invested in a Snoogle pillow. In the case of pregnant women, it has been given many glowing reviews in terms of how it has improved their life, health and overall mood.

Some reviewers have also mentioned that they plan to keep on using it after their baby is born.

On the more negative side, a few people have commented that the quality isn’t as high as they have expected. Indeed, it has been noted that it can end up rather flat after a few months of use.

A minor inconvenience that has been mentioned is the fact that taking the cover off and putting it back on again can take more time than expected. However, other users have mentioned no issues in this respect.

In general terms, most people who have tried this body pillow love it and couldn’t imagine life without it now. Of course, you can’t keep everyone happy all the time so it is only natural that a small number of reviews are less positive.


The Snoogle full body pillow has made a huge, positive effect on many people’s lives. It is especially useful for pregnant women but the truth is that anyone who has trouble sleeping might like to give it a try.

For instance, someone who is suffering from a bad back may find that this is the perfect solution for them. The huge number of glowing reviews for this product online means that you can feel confident that you are getting a quality product that has worked well for many other people.

It is certainly worth a try if you are looking for an easy and convenient way to sleep better at night.