How to Use Your Snoogle!

A snoogle is an incredibly useful object that is commonly described as a total body pillow. It is a long, soft pillow that has been designed to follow the body contours of the person using it.

This innovative pillow has become highly popular in recent years, so what it is all about and who can benefit from it? Interestingly, this is a product that can bring a better night’s sleep to people in differing situations.

What Is It Like?

The snoogle is shaped like a big, horseshoe type of pillow. In fact, its curved shape has seen some people call it a pillow nest, as the user sort of sleeps inside it.

It is big enough to run the full length of the user’s torso, so it best to forget about any idea you might have of it being like a conventional pillow for your head. Instead, it is like a combination of various pillows that are all made into one easy to use design.

The material is lovely and soft like a classic t-shirt, making it easy to snuggle up to during the night. All in all, it is nothing like a conventional pillow at all. To be fair, it isn’t meant to be either.

While it might seem like a strange design at first, it has been cleverly put together to provide a fantastically practical way of sleeping while feeling fully protected.

Who Is It Designed for?

This full body pillow has been designed mainly with the needs of pregnant women in mind. That isn’t to say that other people can’t use it as well if they want to, but the main idea is that it helps provide a good sleeping position during a pregnancy.
Indeed, a lot of new mothers say that they love their snoogle so much that they keep on using it after they give birth.

There is no denying that it is particularly effective for mothers-to-be but it is also a fantastically comfortable pillow for anyone who just wants a better night’s sleep.

If you suffer from back pain then this is a clever way of dealing with it, regardless of whether you are pregnant or not. The fact that your back is supported and also kept lovely and warm means that you should wake up feeling a lot better.

An especially good idea is to use a heating pad to warm up your sore back before you go to bed first of all. You can then retain a good deal of heat by nestling in your body pillow throughout the rest of the night.

How to Use It Effectively

The idea is that you use the different parts of the snoogle to support different parts of your body, in the same sort of way that pregnant women tend to use a number of pillows to try and get a good sleeping position.

You can start off by putting the lower curved part between your knees. This keeps your legs apart, which can help a pregnant woman from overheating during the night, especially during the latter stages of the pregnancy.

The very end of the body pillow then goes under the tummy, to give it good and effective support all night long. The snoogle then wraps around the back to help provide vital support to this part of the body as well.

Finally, the top section gives a wide area to completely support and cradle your head.

The Benefits

The first big benefit to using a snoogle is that it gives support to all of the body’s most important areas. This is, of course, a wonderful benefit for a pregnant lady who wants to avoid having a sore back or any of the other aches and pains that can come at this time of life.

Anyone who has woken up and felt a range of aches and pains will realise that that this is a great way of avoiding problems of this sort.

The fact that the user’s head is nicely propped up also means that other common pregnancy problems such as heartburn can be avoided, while allowing them to breathe easily during the night.

This is a comfortable way of getting supported and there is no risk of the pillow rolling away, as can happen when you try to use a number of individual pillows to achieve the same sort of effect.

The fact that it wraps around the sleeper but keeps their knees apart means that it is also terrific in allowing the body to maintain a great temperature all through the night. The risk of having a hot stomach and cold back or neck is no longer an issue when you use a snoogle in the right way.

The soft material is also wonderful to touch and doesn’t tend to get too hot either. The cover in most models can be removed and washed to ensure a fresh and hygienic feel every time.

The Drawbacks

There are not really any major drawbacks to take into account with the snoogle. Among the few possible issues is the fact that some people find it relatively difficult to get out of quickly, especially if they wake up in the night and want to go to the bathroom.

Apart from that, you should find that it offers a comfortable night’s sleep that is also great fun. Of course, it may take you some time to get used to this new way of sleeping at the beginning.

It is also possible that you find that you get a bit too hot during the night with all of this extra support around parts of your body that you aren’t used to having so protected. If you tend to have a high body temperature then you might find that this makes you uncomfortably warm during the night until you get used to it, although it is designed to stay as cool as possible.

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Customer Reviews

To be fair, very few of the people who have reviewed this product have bad things to say about it. Most of the online reviews for the snoogle are very positive and talk about how it has helped out the user immensely.

The relatively few comparatively negative reviews tend to focus on issues that seem to have been resolved now. For instance, the material used for the cover is now described as being very soft and comfortable but some older reviews mention it being a little bit too rough on the skin.

Most people who have taken the time to write a review praise the snoogle for having made their pregnancy a lot easier and more comfortable. Many of them also say that they will carry on using the body pillow even after their baby is born.

The fact that it stays firm and comfortable for a long time has also drawn praise from people who have enjoyed countless nights of getting a great sleep.


Whether you are pregnant or want this full body pillow to help with your back problems, this can turn out to be a purchase that changes your life in a noticeable way. Walking up feeling refreshed and with a back that is completely free of pain is a massive factor.

If you are struggling to get a good night’s sleep for these reasons or for any other reason then it is a great idea to give this comfortable pillow a try. If back pain is your main problem then using a snoogle at night after using a heating pad is a great combination.