The Most Effective Ways to Beat Back Pain

With millions of people around the world complaining of back pain it is clear that this is a serious issue for many of us. Yet, far too many people do little or nothing to improve their lives and end this misery.

This is even more puzzling when we see just how easy it is to beat back pain. It isn’t some sort of mysterious health issue that we know little about; there is plenty of good advice around if you look for it.

In the UK alone, back, neck and muscle problems cost billions of pounds and account for over 30 million days off sick every year. In the US, the ICD 9 code for back pain is being used increasingly as more and more people suffer the effects of a bad back.

If you want to feel better from now on then the following are some fairly simple steps that you can take in order to get your back into good shape again without any hassle.

Adopt a Better Posture

It is estimated that we now spend an average of 10 hours per day sitting down. This means that adopting a good, healthy posture is more essential than ever before.

Using an ergonomic chair and making a real effort to sit up straight are the ideal starting points for doing this. You might also want to rearrange the objects on your desk so that you can use everything more easily while sitting in a comfortable position.

There are even a number of useful mobile apps around these days that you can use to add a modern touch to your attempts to get a better posture.

Once you get used to a better sitting posture then you will realise that this is a lot more comfortable than slouching and can be easier to adopt as well.

Don’t Stay Sitting Down for Too Long

As mentioned earlier, people now sit down for an average of 10 hours each day. This is a huge amount of time and it is an even more important factor when we see that sitting down is said to put twice as much pressure on spinal discs.

If your job involves sitting down a lot then it is vital that you get up for regular breaks. This will give your back a chance to relax and will remove the strain for a few minutes.

A standing desk that does away with the need for a chair is a great idea, while there are also the likes of kneeling chairs and ball chairs that some people swear by.

As we have seen, the amount of work days lost due to back pain and the increasing prevalence of the ICD 9 code for back pain mean that this is an issue that companies should take seriously when considering a healthy office set-up for their staff.

Use a Heating Pad

The benefits of using the best heating pad have been clear to see for some time now. In recent years many people have felt an immediate and noticeable relief when they apply a hot pad to their sore back.

Clearly, it is best to avoid back pain in the first place rather than treat it once the damage is done. In this respect, using a heating pad once you feel the first twinges of back pain is definitely highly recommended.

There are many different types of pad around, with some more suitable for one part of the body than for others. This means that you will want to spend some time finding the perfect model for use on your aching back.

Once you find the perfect heating pad for your needs you will discover that this is a highly enjoyable way of curing those aches and pains that you feel in just about any part of the body.

Stay Well Hydrated

This may seem like a strange piece of advice at first. However, it has been proven that staying well hydrated can be a tremendous help in stopping back pain in its tracks.

If you have the habit of drinking tea or coffee during the day then switching to water will help you to stay more hydrated. Of course, if you currently drink very little during the day then now is the time to start to do so.

Hopefully, you will be pleasantly surprised when you notice that drinking more water helps your back to feel better, but how does this work? Well, having enough water in your body means that your joints are well lubricated and healthy.

If you don’t think that you could drink the recommended 8 glasses a day then you might be surprised. Just put a glass in front of you while you work and you will soon get into the habit of sipping your way through it.

Get More Exercise

Lack of exercise is another of the most common reasons given for the increasing number of cases of back pain these days. With the sedentary lifestyle on the rise it is no wonder that more of us suffer from aches and pains.

The good news is that there are plenty of interesting ways of getting the right kind of exercise without it feeling like a chore. For many people the perfect approach is to carry out some stretching exercises while sitting at their work desk.

Another approach is to take up yoga or some other type of relatively gentle exercise that stretches and works the body. You could also feel the benefits if you carry out a more strenuous type of exercise, although you will want to be sure to carry out a warm up period if you have been sitting down all day long.

Once you find the perfect type of exercise for your personality and the amount of time that you have then you will have made a huge improvement in your lifestyle. By staying fit and supple you will greatly reduce the chances of your back getting sore.

Don’t Over-Do It

Perhaps the most common mistake that people make with their back is to over-work it. It can be easy to think that lifting a few boxes or trying to lift heavier weights in the gym is a harmless enough thing to do.

However, no matter what condition your back is currently in, over-doing it like this can lead to serious problems. Whether it is an urgent move in the office or a request to help a friend move house, you need to be very careful to not take on more than you can handle.

Trying to lift something that is too heavy or adopting the wrong lifting posture can lead to immediate pain and lasting problems as well. If you really have to do this then you will want to take your time and make sure that you minimise the risks as much as possible.


Beating back pain isn’t impossible as some people might have you believe. Indeed these simple steps can help you to feel fantastic now and in the future with very little effort.

Why not start today by making a small but significant change that could bring you enormous benefits and a healthier back for the rest of your life?