Best Heating Pad for Your Neck & Shoulders

Best Heating Pad for Your Neck & ShouldersSuffering from neck and shoulder pain is something that can make life an absolute misery. This is a condition that can happen for a number of reasons, while the right solution can seem frustratingly elusive.

This part of the body contains many delicate parts such as nerves, veins and ligaments, as well as bones, muscles and other elements. Because of this, finding the right treatment is essential.

The good news is that using the right neck and shoulders heating pad can be invaluable in helping you to feel a lot better almost immediately.

Why a Heating Pad Is a Good Idea

By applying a heating pad to this area of your body you may find that the aches and pains go away right away. This is also an incredibly easy approach to take, as you can warm up this pad very quickly and then use it wherever you are.

Of course, if you feel that this discomfort may come as the result of an underlying medical condition then it makes sense to see a doctor as soon as you can. Most neck and shoulder pain comes from strains, sports injuries and other relatively minor issues although in some cases it can be linked to something more serious.

If you feel confident that this isn’t a sign of a more serious issue then a neck and shoulders heating pad lets you feel better very comfortably. You can use this at home, at work or wherever you happen to be.

This is also a very economical solution, as a good heating pad won’t cost you very much money and will represent tremendous value for money.

What It Can Help With

In many cases, simply applying heat in this way provides the ideal, practical solution to the problem. This is because the warmth penetrates deeply and gives instant relief.

It can also help to speed up the healing process as well, which is crucial if you are off work or missing out on fun activities due to the pain. You might be feeling miserable due to this neck and shoulder pain, so using a heating pad will help to put a smile back on your face a lot quicker.

The heat should also help you to relax. If you have been feeling tense due to this condition or for any other reason then this treatment could be exactly what you need to feel a lot better.

Many heating pad owners report being able to sleep better after using one as well. Since having problems dropping off to sleep can be a major issue with neck and shoulder pain then this is a powerful solution that could give you the first proper night’s rest you’ve had since the problem began.

Getting Started

When you are feeling awful due to neck and shoulder problems it can be incredibly tempting to rush into looking for a solution. However, it makes more sense to take some time to find the very best approach.

This means looking for the perfect heating pad for your neck and shoulder first of all. Thankfully, there are a number of excellent options around for you to choose from.

When deciding which one to buy you will want to take into account the online heating pad reviews that you find here and elsewhere. By seeing what other people with similar issues have to say it should be a lot easier to make a good, informed decision.

Consider points such as the size and type of heating pad in order to work out how convenient each of the top options is. If you are planning on using it away from the home then these issues will be even more vital to you.

Since it can be awkward to hold a neck and shoulders pad in place in this part of the body, it makes sense to use one that is especially designed to stay in position. This means that you might want to look at heating pad wraps and other contoured models that are designed to hold their position easily.

Of course, you will be keen to get started right away on using your new heating pad. This means that choosing one that will be delivered quickly and without any fuss will make you feel a lot more comfortable about your choice.

How to Use It

The process of using a heating pad is pretty much the same no matter what part of the body it is that you want to feel the benefits. Depending upon the type of pad you have chosen you will need to first of all warm it up by plugging it in, putting it in the microwave or otherwise following the instructions.

After this, you will want to place it on your neck or shoulders, in the point where you feel the pain. Ideally, you will want to be able to lie down or sit in such a way that you can leave the pad in the right spot without having to hold it there.

It is also worth setting up a relaxing environment in which you can feel completely at ease while you carry out this treatment. Some users like to put on gentle music, turn off their phone or just let their mind go completely blank for a few minutes.

What You Should Feel

The big question that many of us want to know is what kind of feeling we should expect when using a heating pad for neck and shoulder pain. This is important to understand at the beginning, at is will let you very quickly appreciate how well it is working.

Obviously, the first thing you should notice is the warmth of the pad. In some cases, this can be enough to bring relief right away.

In other situations it might be that it takes some time for the powerful effects of the heating pad to make themselves felt. What you definitely shouldn’t feel is any sort of pain.

Overall, it should be a very pleasant experience of warmth and relaxation. You are almost certain to enjoy this feeling.

Heating Pad Reviews

Dr. Bob’s – Neck Wrap Heating Pad – Doctor Designed for Therapeutic Relief

This cleverly designed heating pad is ideal for use on painful neck and shoulder injuries. It follows the contours of your upper body, meaning that it can sit comfortably without you having to hold it in position.

It can help relieve upper chest, back and chest pain as well as neck and shoulder problems.


  • Easy to keep in position
  • Covers a big area at the same time
  • High level of heat for maximum healing


  • Some reviewers have complained of the maximum setting not being high enough

Sunbeam Xl Renue Heat Therapy Wrap

At 25 inches x 25 inches and with a nice fabric, this is a comfortable neck and shoulders heating pad. It has 4 different heat settings and has a 2 hour shut-off too.

The 9 foot power cord makes it easy to use this pad easily in different parts of the house. In addition, a 2 year limited warranty gives extra peace of mind.


  • Big heating pad
  • Comfortable fit
  • Wide range of heat settings


  • A strong smell of chlorine has been noted by some users

PureRelief Neck & Shoulder Heating Pad with Fast-Heating Technology, Magnetic Closure & Convenient Storage Bag

This heating pad is perfect for anyone with an aching neck or shoulders. It offers a smooth feel and heats up extremely quickly once switched on.

The 5 year warranty and moist heat option help to make this a smart option for many people.


  • Contoured designed and magnetic closure make it easy to keep in place
  • Moist heat option
  • 5 year warranty


  • Issues have been noted with the pad occasionally losing heat after a period of use